Rotational graduate nurse fellowship program

The UPMC Graduate Nurse Rotational Program (GNRP) is an innovative new recruitment, onboarding, and retention initiative. Created using Six Sigma methodology, it is designed to provide graduate nurses with experiences in various levels of care within a specialty area through guided clinical experiences.

This includes an evidence-based approach to support transition to practice including: recruiting and educating preceptors, providing departmental transition support, developing education for specific patient populations, constructing orientation blueprints, providing peer support opportunities, socializing staff, and promoting advancement through the career ladder. At the program’s conclusion, participants are mutually matched with a unit or remain in the Resource Pool. The goal of the program is to enhance job satisfaction and reduce nurse turnover.

To date, five UPMC hospitals have hosted the program and more are planning to participate next year. We are proud that UPMC St. Margaret, where the program was designed and initially piloted, has earned recognition at UPMC Nurses Week (clinician Casey Green presented a poster that won best overall) and by the Magnet Commission (the program was noted as an exemplar when the hospital received re-designation).

My Nursing Career

At UPMC, a nurse can build his or her professional practice in a wide variety of settings, specialties, and roles. The Center for Nursing Excellence facilitates opportunities for nurses to grow their careers within our organization.

My Nursing Career (MNC) is the nursing-specific career ladder at UPMC that includes 21 clinical specialties and more than 50 unique nursing roles. Regardless of your area of interest, there’s a nursing career at UPMC that’s designed just for you and your chosen field.

MNC enables nurses to select a career path that aligns with their individual level of education, professional certifications, and experience. We are passionate about providing career pathways for our nurses at UPMC and want to equip them with the resources, feedback, leadership, education, and benefits to ensure success.

Image Card featuring:
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Image Card featuring: Over 28% of our inpatient nurses are Senior Professional Nurses
Image Card featuring: Jeanne Schrantz, RN, CNOR

“There are so many avenues in nursing. It’s a great profession. Nurses at UPMC are given a lot of opportunity to grow their careers in any direction.”

Jeanne Schrantz, RN, CNOR

Image Card featuring: Ian Cummins, BSN, RN-BC

“At UPMC, opportunities for nurses to define their passion and focus exist throughout the system.”

Ian Cummins, BSN, RN-BC

Image Card featuring: Chibugo Uwazie, MSN, RN, CCRN

“It’s a profession that will give you the opportunity to explore so many different paths.”

Chibugo Uwazie, MSN, RN, CCRN

My Nursing Residency

New residency programs are an essential part of transitioning from school to practice through skill building, peer socialization and support by experienced nurses. The UPMC My Nursing Residency program has expert facilitators for every 6 to 10 new nurses to support the new nurses’ effective decision-making and clinical leadership, incorporating evidence-based research into practice for a year-long journey. Since the inception of the program we have had more than 145 cohorts, with a one-year turnover rate that is 67% below the national benchmark.

UPMC collaborates with Vizient/AACN Nurse Residency Program™, which is an evidence-based program that is part of a Pennsylvania statewide initiative coordinated by the PA Action Coalition. Pennsylvania is one of three states with a state-wide program.

UPMC is proud to be a leader in nursing education and training by offering a residency program for new nurses.

The transition of graduate nurses into professional practice can be both exciting and challenging. UPMC’s My Nursing Residency is an extensive, year-long program designed to support new nurses during the transition from student to nursing practice.

All newly licensed graduate nurses with fewer than six months of experience hired at UPMC are automatically enrolled in the residency program, which provides nurses with the opportunity to:

  • Build on their academic foundation by transitioning knowledge into clinical practice with a focus on safety and quality.
  • Develop clinical leadership skills in areas such as patient care delivery, resource management, delegation, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution.
  • Network with peers, leadership, and other professional nurses.

“My Nursing Residency has definitely had a positive impact on my new nursing career. I have taken tools from it and put it to use in my daily practice.”

Bethani Eicher
My Nursing Residency participant and nurse at UPMC East

My Nursing Residency helps nurses build the skills necessary for success while also receiving peer socialization and support from experienced nurses. This allows for a smoother pathway into practice as a UPMC nurse.

If you are interested in joining our team, please visit nursing careers to explore our wide range of nursing positions online.

UPMC utilizes the Vizient/American Association of Colleges of Nursing Residency Program™, an evidence-based program used in more than 200 health systems.

“The My Nursing Residency program demonstrates UPMC’s commitment to helping our new nurses grow professionally, and make the transition into professional practice with confidence that stems from improved decision-making skills and enhanced clinical leadership practices.”

Holly Lorenz, RN, MSN
UPMC Chief Nurse Executive
Talent Round Up

Talent Round Up

Part of the Center for Nursing Excellence’s commitment to empowering nurses to grow their professional practice, the Nursing Talent Round Up provides an opportunity for nurses at every level to assess their leadership skills, receive feedback concerning their strengths and areas of development, and discuss their career goals with nurse leaders and career development experts.

2019 marked the 8th year of the Talent Round Up for nurses from across UPMC. From personalized, one-on-one coaching and mentoring by clinical and HR leaders, to networking and meeting with academic partners, the two, half-day sessions are packed with customized learning and professional development opportunities.

Talent Round Up boasts many success stories about nurses who have moved seamlessly through the UPMC system to take their career where they wanted it to go.

UPMC Center for Nursing Excellence Nursing Talent Round Up
2015 2016 2017 2018
Enrolled in school
39% 45% 36% 27%
Completed degree
30% 39% 26% 27%
Became certified
26% 33% 41% 30%
Joined a new UPMC council or committee
41% 38% 28% 45%
Joined a new specialty nursing organization external to UPMC
21% 33% 21% 30%
Discussed career opportunities with their direct leader
N/A N/A 92% 77%