I am privileged to lead the talented and dedicated patient care providers who work and live in our communities.

UPMC is an organization in which nurses take a leading role in patient care, innovation, technological advancements and patient advocacy.

With nearly 20,000 nurses across the continuum of care, our nurses are educators, clinical experts and researchers sharing their expertise and insight in a variety of roles from leadership to caregivers.

UPMC benefits through the empowerment of our nurses to share their ideas and knowledge in a variety of ways and clinical settings. The impact of our UPMC nurses is truly remarkable and demonstrated in the quality and compassionate patient care they deliver every day.

UPMC cares about our employees. The feedback from our nurses is valuable and drives our strategic vision. I use the input and creativity from our UPMC nurses and our shared leadership structure to improve both the employee and patient experience. As a result, we’ve implemented mindfulness retreats as a part of our Center for Healthy Nursing, and a robust nursing career ladder in which 95% of our nurses participate as part of their professional journey.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and look forward to continuing to transform nursing practice and patient care. I hope that you enjoy learning more about the passion, commitment and talent of UPMC nurses in our annual report.

With warm regards,
Holly Lorenz, MSN, RN, Chief Nurse Executive - Signature
Holly Lorenz, MSN, RN
Chief Nurse Executive
UPMC Center for Nursing Excellence


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